Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Cute Shoes, Tell your mama hi!"

Caitlin LOVES her shoes. She takes them off and tries to put them on by herself. When we are out she wants everyone to say something about them. She was showing them off at the grocery store. This morning when she got out of her crib, she squealed with delight when she saw them. She also hisses if you take them away from her.

I am trying to get some good shots of the dress and she keeps crawling towards me.

it doesn't take long to get dirty in our house.

here is the back of the dress.
about the dress:
I know other people see our blog, but some posts are for certain people. This one is for my mom. I want her to see what I made and hang it on her fridge. Thanks.
I should have taken pictures before Caitlin got stuff all over the dress. It isn't that bad. but this is a dress I made Sunday afternoon/evening. It is kind of like a pillowcase dress. I love that kind of collar (the pink piece) around the neck. and want more practice to get better at it. I made it our of jersey knit. one little problem I noticed later was the very bottom hem of the front pink piece tended to roll up...

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Malea said...

She "hisses" displeasure! This I have got to see :)