Sunday, February 19, 2012

Broken for you, Shed for you

This is the Body of Christ
broken for you. This is the Blood of Christ shed for you...

Dear Tim, 
The Lord knows me in and out. When you, who knows me deepest on earth- all of my faults and uglies and even the things you delight in, can offer me the cup and the bread I know I am fully loved and received by God himself. When YOU say to me, "This is the Body of Christ Broken for you" I am moved and touched by his Grace. You represent Christ to me in this moment. He speaks through you to me to tell me I am fully accepted and in his Grace. That I can move on. 
And when I do communion with you, know that I who know you, speak for Christ. His body was broken for you Tim. His blood was shed for you my love. 
And this is why I do communion with you.
Unlike Christ, I do not know your heart at all times. But I know that He loves you and will never stop. You are free in Christ. Taste and know that HE is good. 
With all my respect,
your wife, Mary Mac xoxo

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