Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Day of School...

Pre School started back up today. And it was Ryan's first day. He was so proud when he walked into the building with his lunch bag and backpack. He put them where they belonged, but as soon as we walked into his class he started to cry. I left quickly knowing I only make it worse. About an hour later I got a text message from his teacher saying, "Ryan is doing great!"
Whenever I get Ryan after I haven't seen him, he just starts spilling out everything he did. As soon as I picked him up he told me about nap time and about lunch and even the story they learned today- "Jesus teach on mountain."
Adam on the other is hand doesn't really say anything about what happened but has a lot of opinions on what is about to happen or what he wants to do, "Can we get ice cream when we get home? can we play a game? I am going to play dragons with Ryan... etc..."
So what did I do while the boys were in school? Well this spoiled mom, went to take a sewing lesson at tomorrow's quilts. when I showed up I met my instructor who had to be 80 years old. she asked me my name to which I replied Mary Mac. She asked for my last name, Brookins. Then she said I don't know her. One of heard wrong.
She ended up being incredibly helpful and I learned things like don't use invisible thread. It messes up your machine. Or you can buy pre threaded bobbins.... these are minor things but they really add up to a world of knowledge in the sewing world.
so now I can knock off one bib on my project list, one purse, lunch bag for ryan, and burp cloths. holla.
I also got to go to the grocery store all by myself. I was in and out of there in record timing.
I am so thankful for this opportunity! Thank you mom for making this happen!

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Meredith said...

you can buy prestrung bobbins!?!?! michaels here i come! so glad ya got to go to a class :) i think i have found a pattern that might work... give me some fabric colors you like!