Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leah Parker's new website!

Check out Leah's COTA website and sign her guestbook while you are there!

COTA stands for Children's Organ Transplant Association
It is a non-profit organization designed to assist families with fundraising so that the money received is non taxable income for the family to use for transplant related expenses.

Why are the Parker's using COTA? Don't they have insurance?
In order to get a transplant you must prove that your insurance will cover the surgery and that you have the money to pay what insurance doesn't cover. The average heart transplant costs from $300,000 to $500,000. Plus the costs of the meds post surgery and the visits the patient will make the rest of her/his life. Imagine paying the 20% of these costs on a regular basis!

The Parker's do have insurance. The insurance they had a year ago had in very fine print that it will not cover transplants for anyone other than the main carrier (in this case Ross). So When she was in the hospital and the dr's determined she needed a heart transplant but realized it wasn't going to be covered, the Parkers sat in their hospital room with Leah sick in bed for an entire day and no one would even go in their room.

The social worker helped them find a different insurance and a few months later informed the Parker's of COTA. 100% the money raised is used to pay Leah's medical bills. This money is available for Leah's transplant related expenses the rest of her life. The goal this year is to raise $75,000.
This morning some of the professors in the Philosophy department started a pledge drive for Leah. It started with one family committing to pay $20 per month for the rest of their lives. Another professor responded with the same pledge and others have made donations since. It has been moving to watch the mercury move up in the thermometer on her donations page.

The Parker's are not part of the fundraising so that they can focus on Leah and their family. I have the honor of being the community coordinator and look forward to seeing how the Lord provides for the Parkers!

If you are interested in helping in anyway contact me! It is incredibly easy to make a donation on her donation page on the website. If you live in another state there are lots of ways you can help save Leah's life!


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