Monday, January 10, 2011

project obsessed...

so I am going to post things I'd like to sew and if you know how or would like to join me in doing so come on over or call so we can get this stuff done...
lunch bag for ryan.
three swing purses
baby bubble outfits for Caitlin and any other little girl out there in the world that needs a bubble
curtains for caitlin's room
big brother shirts for the boys (maybe 90 minute shirts) and
a little sister shirt for Caitlin
tea cozie
burp cloths
diaper bag
pj pants pattern from aunt barbara for caitlin
fabric necklaces...
bring it on!


T said...

I'll join you.

Lauren said...

Ok, Mary Mac. You can come over sometime or I can come to you. And I made PJ pants for Caleb last week. In under 30 minutes. Ask me how...