Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2 Thankful for Cold Weather

A cold front swept through the past two days and has lifted my spirits greatly. Not that they were low. I didn't know how happy I wasn't until I was really happy. What? haha. Well I love the cold weather. I wish I had more pictures from college of us playing in the snow. My parents will confirm that since I was a child, cold weather has been a personal favorite. I am thankful for the cold weather. For the chance to snuggle with the boys under a blanket while we read, to see them in toboggans, to dance in one place to stay warm, to drink hot chocolate or eat hot soup, to be close to Tim, to feel the warmth of the oven... The cold air makes me feel alive (and whether it is reality or not makes me feel like I could run forever).

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