Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 Thankful for...

Where we are in life. It isn't easy. Probably no part of life is easy. But as much as a struggle it is and as much as I complain about our exact location (apt) I know the Lord has put us here. I am thankful for the opportunity to see God move in ways I never knew or understood/stand. I am thankful that he has brought me here and taught me more about his sweet mercies than I ever knew and I hope to grow in them. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to really have to trust God with our needs and see Him provide in great ways. So to be more specific, I am thankful to have witnessed the family across from us change their lives and surrender their family to Christ. I am thankful for the new manager that cleaned our carpets! I am thankful for the neighborhood kids that knock on our door all the time and leave us presents at our doorstep and play with the boys and celebrate the coming of our first daughter with so much joy. I am thankful for Tim who works so persistently hard in grad school (this is his 8th year of grad school). I am thankful for the friends we have made here that come with this time in life.

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