Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16 Thankful for...

(this picture was taken after the game and it appears that the teams were praying together. maybe it was just a pep talk. I liked the image anyway)

Ryan sat on my lap the entire time. He was very serious about the game.

From the time we got there Adam said it was too loud.

this is really my sad attempt of forcing Ry-guy into a chair by himself so I could get a picture of him at the game.

Here is another picture of Adam. He is holding his spiderman suit and a book which he looked at during the game.

Basketball games! Actually, all sports games. Growing up basketball games were a really big deal. I loved watching my brother play and cheering for him. He was always the star of the court- to me at least. Then there was the legendary uncle Bobby who played at cousin and all of his kids were amazing at basketball. The Lovelaces too. Lil Ryan Conrad could shoot and score on a ten foot goal at the age of two. I loved watching the ACC.

Then I got into soccer and cross country. I fell in love with the rush I got when playing or running. I still love running. I think one reason I love watching sports is because I know how much the players love it and work for it.

Today I took the boys to the Baylor Bear game. We got there just after half time. The guy at the door let us without tickets. It wasn't a big game at all. Not many people were there. Ryan cheered, "Go bears" through out the game and everytime the band stopped playing he would shout, "AGAIN! AGAIN! MORE MUSIC!"

Adam ended up crawling under our seats and playing with my legs, looking at his book, and covering his ears during the game.

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