Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 15 Thankful for...

The YMCA is one of my favorite things about Waco. We go at least three times a week up to 5 times a week (except when I was in my first trimester). I love the childcare workers in the morning. There aren't as many kids in the mornings and the workers are so gentle and sweet to the boys. The boys love it and refer to it has Ryan's school, even though they both go. I love the people I meet at the Y. Before this pregnancy and during part of it, I met a group of runners three times a week . We would run outside together and I loved my time with them. Some people consider church to be their peaceful place, but I find the Y to be mine. Thankfully God is in both places.

(both boys wore their spiderman costumes to the ymca this morning. the workers at the y love to see what the brookin's boys will be wearing next).

*for those of you who don't know: the y offers family assistance and they provide childcare up to three hours a day! sometimes I take my bible and have a quiet time there! anyway most y's have indoors pools and also have an outdoor pool open for the summertime. they offer many classes including zumba (their most popular), spin classes, and yoga classes and several other body shaping classes. the one here also has a group that leaves the Y to run and you are allowed to leave your kids at the y and run with the group.

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Lauren said...

This is so sweet! I hope you don't mind, but I sent this post to one my friends here in Louisville who works for the Y and does the child programming- she loved it!!