Friday, March 5, 2010

Sweet tooth Tuesdays

I love sweets. I need an excuse to bake them regularly. And I want to teach my kids the joy of giving. So that is how we came up with sweet tooth tuesdays. Every tuesday we will make a special dessert that the boys and I can taste (just to make sure it isn't poisoned or anything). Then Adam will get to choose who we give it to. This week was a trial week because Ryan got some kind of stomach virus and we didn't want to share those germs Adam helped me make peanut butter cookies. His favorite part is cracking the egg.


Katie said...

what a GREAT idea !!!!
We miss you guys and hope that once your germ free we can get together and have a play date with the kids :O)

Atkinson said...

love it! can you ship some of your yummy goodness to nc?!?!?

Holly said...

I hope I'm on the list of possible recipients.
I love this idea.

I baked a huge loaf of espresso banana bread. We all got one piece and gave the rest away. Such a great way to have a bit and share a lot!