Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quick Cameo

we played with the web cam one day and this was the end product. He wears his Thomas shirt as much as he can get away with. He is incredibly observant. He even picks up on how Tim and I are 'feeling'.
Lately, we have been praying for Leah, and a lot of tears have been the result. Adam just loves on us and prays with us. It is awfully sweet. He also likes to pretend to be a dr and check all of our hearts.
Katie is taking Leah to Dallas tomorrow for her heart check up. She is on the list for a heart transplant and will continue to covet your prayers for her.


Atkinson said...

i love that little boy. i check leah's blog our prayers in nc...

Welty said...

You look about 12 there. Those kids are keeping you young.