Sunday, September 13, 2009

Star Belly Sneeches

I found these star belly sneeches in the house. If anyone wants them come and get them. They are pretty snobby...

I took this picture and didn't do a good job getting Adam's star in. Ryan has one too. Adam loves being a star belly sneech. (a dr. suess character).
Ryan used to wave with his whole arm. Not he bends his rest. It is really stinking cute. He is also picking up sounds and copying them. He said 'hey babe' and 'night night' today. But keep in mind he is just mimmicking the sounds. no real words except 'Adah' for Adam.
We just can't get over how big Adam is now. Not just physically but in every way. Parenting is definitely getting harder the older they get. The baby stage is looking easier and easier. This isn't to say Adam is a particularly difficult child either. He acts like Ryan a lot and hungers for lots of attention. He is so witty too. One day there was a lot of thunder. When Tim came home he went into another room and was making a lot of noise. When he came out Adam called him, "daddy thunder". Isn't that funny?

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