Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Homecoming Mum

I had never heard of this until Friday afternoon. A neighbor wanted to borrow an iron for her daughter's mum. Her what? I got a picture of this thing. So the tradition is only one person can be the homecoming queen but everyone can be dressed for royalty. The mums have ribbons, bells, whistles, a football, names, numbers of players. Some people wear even more than one mum. Your date to the game or your dad can give it to you.
Football is SUCH a big deal here. The mum tradition is one example. But did you know they announce high school football games on the radio. Also local churches throw parties after the games that EVERYONE goes to for food and games. Even the players. I asked the high school girl that helped put the groceries in my car if her boyfriend played football. "No, I wish he did. That would be just so cool." She even had a dreamy look in her eye. .
Our neighbor is in the 7th grade and his parents have gotten him a personal trainer so he can play football in high school. We are signing our boys up now for pee wee football, because the waiting list is that long... just kidding!

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