Thursday, September 10, 2009

made for two?

Adams loves to crash and Ryan likes to find difficult places to climb into.

Today we went to the museum with the Parkers. We always have a lot of laughs with them. I am so glad they moved here. More of you should follow suit :)

Katie Parker put us three in her van and drove us out to hew new house! Just to see it though because it is in the process of being built. It is going to be a great house for them and it was so fun to see how excited she is to have her first house!

We are going to get new phones. We apologize for our phone problems. If you have ever called and not been able to hear us or there has been a delay- it is our phones. not yours. or your hearing. well mom, it is your hearing. but you are the exception. JUST KIDDING.

We also got an AWESOME package in the mail from mimi and pops! Adam sat on the couch today holding his new umbrella, watching his veggie tale movie(we made an exception to our rule :) ), and asking if he could paint with his new paints. Ryan sat on the floor playing cars. Thank y'all!

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Atkinson said...

they are the cutest little boys-wish we were closer!