Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Stomach Hates Me

Towards the evening, Adam kept saying, "My stomach hates me." I laughed it off. Well this morning Tim went to get him and he had thrown up and other stuff.... He was sick all day, poor lil guy.

Yesteday, mom, Ryan, and I were waiting for Adam to wake up. Ryan was entertaining himself and us by putting a shovel in his mouth and shaking his head. The kid is hilarious. When he heard mom and I talk about Adam he crawled to Adam's door, stood up and banged on the door with his palms and yelled "adaaaa".

Ebee called and she is home safely. It was a very lonely day here after she left.


Gary Brookins said...

"My stomach hates me" That is so cute and at the same time so sad :( I hope everyone is well now. Glad you all had such a great visit with E. Love, Mimi

Kristen said...

that is hands down the best description of a stomach ache i have ever heard. i'm telling you, mm, adam is a genius. (hope the little genius is feeling better!)