Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last year during this time I really mourned the loss of fall. You actually do get fall hear but it is in november and december and by then you are ready for winter. Right now its hot outside but I can tell there is something different in the air. My idea is that we just get in the car and drive until we smell fall. Any takers?
We got some AWESOME news this week. Tim got an email from a linguistics journal and they have decided to ACCEPT his article which means it is going to be PUBLISHED!!! Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for. Again specifically you can pray for publications, wisdom, guidance on what to write his dissertation on, and more wisdom. ooo you can Pray that he fears the Lord cause that my friend is the beginning of wisdom ;)
Adam is doing so well. I must tell you about his love for Nicole Donnelly. He just adores her and this morning begged to see her. We did a surprise visit and he was absolutely elated. He literally ran to her giggling, practically falling over himself. Sadly Nicole is already married.
Since we eat dinner at 5:30, the boys have been playing outside after dinner to burn off the last of their energy. Adam is starting to interact more with other children and Ryan is all over the place.

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