Monday, August 31, 2009

Making a Home

Just before mom came I decided that we needed to work on a project together while she was here. Last minute I decided that the project would be curtains. It turned out to be such a wonderful thing for us. We had the best time together. I really really enjoyed sewing. Janet, aka Mimi gave me a sewing machine and I have used it a few times but after these past few days I am going to use that baby everyday for the rest of my life... ok maybe not that much. But I had a lot of fun. Actually, mom and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the machine on saturday. So on Sunday I took it to church, set it out where anyone could see it and hoped someone would help us out. Our angel turned out to be Priscilla. She has five kids and is incredibly talented. She actually has the same sewing machine and knew exactly what to do. She came over sunday afternoon and taught us how to use it... correctly (eek!).
The picture up top is the dresser I found at the dumpster a couple of weeks. It took me 45 minutes to get that sucker in our home, but by golly it was worth it. O and the bluish gold long curtains were bought, not sewn by us! The playroom curtains are next.

Mimi get here soon so we can work on more projects!!! Suga come back quickly! Nanners (lander) Adam was saying, "lander is allowed to come." all night. Mac, Adam asked Ebee to get you so you could be with them today.


T said...

Now I feel like I'm in a Southern Living picture when I'm in the dining room.

Becky said...

They look great!!! My mom just got me a sewing machine and I cannot wait to learn how to use it :)

Gary Brookins said...

They are beautiful! You did such a great job. Do you have magic needles on that sewing machine or are you just amazing? Mimi

Kathleen said...

So, so happy you made some curtains! How fabulous! They are lovely---curtains REALLY make us feel at home---why is that? :) Thanks for sharing your life with us---and tell Tim "congrats" on being published---that's great!!