Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you seeing a pattern here?

If you can't tell what is going on in this picture: Ryan has dumped a container of puffs/cheerios all over the floor.

Ryan goes buh-zerk when he has the opportunity to play in a sea of cheerios or any mess for that matter. He frantically swings his arms around, throwing it all over the place, then starts lifting his legs at the same time and squealing with delight. The child is a mess.

Tonight I had bible study. I left early so tim had to do double duty. He said Ryan was so hyper he didn't even know how to describe it. I do know one thing, the child does NOT like to be corrected. Adam gets corrected and takes it. He ammends himself to the family rules- ideally Gods :) Ryan absolutely LOSES it when he gets corrected. Am I foreseeing a difficult future in this child? Actually with all joking aside, Tim and I both really celebrate how different God made our boys.

For those of you who are wondering what is there to correct about a nine month old? He gets popped for touching or thinking about touching electrical sockets, things that threaten his safety... or for possibly hurting anyone else like biting

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Gerald & Courtney said...

So do you make Ryan eat all the puffs/Cheerios he dumps out as punishment? Whoa what a porker! I think I am going to kidnap him and call him a Bunker. Speaking of Puffs, Beech-Nut makes these Strawberry-banana yogurt puffie things that they sell at Wal-Mart and they are so good.Landon has to fight me for them