Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm gonna walk with my friend...

This morning we played at a park with some friends. There is a path that wraps around the park with many women walking and bikers riding by. Adam took a liking to one of the blondes and said, "I'm gonna walk with my friend." I watched him follow after her, blocking the way of other walkers. It was very funny. For one thing, he swung his arm and walked a lot like Gary (Pops). The other thing was when he got pretty far and I had to run to catch up to him he didn't want to come back to the playground. He wanted to keep walking with his friend, who at this point is way ahead.

Yesterday we took the wagon to the library. We stopped at the mailbox and I dumped the mail- mostly advertisements- in the wagon with the boys. When we got to the library ADam said, "I am just looking at my pictures."
"Ok" I was just glad they weren't announcing our arrival with screams or cries. But then I thought, "what pictures?" I looked down and Adam had a Victoria Secret catalog opened up in his lap! HAHAHA! That went in the trash :)

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