Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do you wanna go for a ride?

Ryan and Adam love playing in the lil tyke car the Pikes gave us when Adam turned one. A new family has been visiting our church. They have five kids and are our age! They are the Martinez family and are a very special bunch. We went to the musuem with them and had a really good time. Adam particularly fancied Bella, their 2 year old.

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Gerald & Courtney said...

I remember when A-dawg got his first ride. Awww! BTW the Green Monster is the same jeep we got just this year. We can only take one vehicle with us. Mixed feelings. As for the new family, they put even the Bunkers to shame. As for your first accident, welcome to the Boy Mamma Club! All of the Bunkers have had one trip to the ER and one surgery (well not Landon yet)