Monday, June 8, 2009


We had a full moon last week and with all my heart I believe that moon had something to do with the lack of sleep we had. No one slept good last week. Early Saturday morning I woke up with the boys and got them out of there so Tim could get some sleep. We went downtown where there was an old car convention. Those aren't the technical terms for it but in this blog semantics aren't that important. There had to be over a hundred old cars. They were all from the 1930's and under. It was really neat. This one gentleman let Adam sit in his car and toot the horn. Adam was in heaven. Of course everyone loved that he was wearing his spiderman outfit. Adam just wanted everyone to feel safe and to know he was just the friendly neighborhood spiderman.


Pops said...

Awesome! Looks like Adam was in the driver's seat (but then again, he usually is). And those cars . . . WOW . . . they look like they are almost as old as his grandpa, Chippy!

Whitney Hannam said...

Hey Mary Mac,
It was super fun seeing you at Charlie's b-day last week. You are so sweet and I appreciated your encouragement. Your boys are so cute, good luck with potty's on our list for the summer as well.

Whitney Hannam

Welty said...

did you forget to mention your stop at Starbuck's first... glad you're having fun, try to stay cool.