Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anyone in the mood for...

(here is Adam teaching John how to stay in the lines)

(Adam teaching mimi how to read)

Ice Cream? It is so hot. I am sure it is hot in the east side too. I am definitely in the mood for some of that home made ice cream. Only if we have to turn it for three days.... When we were at the beach with the Brookins we had numerous attempts at homemade ice cream. It finally turned out and man it was worth it. Thanks for all that hard work everybody.
We ate lunch at the David and Mandy Nydigger's house after church today. They are the cutest couple in Waco. She had homeade bread (YUM) pasta with fresh basil from her garden, and a delicious salad. All of the veggies were probably organic and home grown too. She is a barista at Starbucks and a PHd student in the english department. David is getting his PHd in Theology. One of the things that makes this couple so cute is they always celebrate Christmas. They got married the month of December. They have xmas stuff up year round. and Every July they are known for the xmas in July party. They celebrate christmas but they really celebrate each other very well.
Adam lit up at their house. He ran right into Mandy's arms and was thrilled to be at their home. Ryan loved her pasta. So there you have it. Friends for life.

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Gary said...

I wish we were coloring and reading books together right now. I'd love to be playing in the tent with Adam and Ryan. Miss you all! Mimi