Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This post is dedicated to the Balogh girls because they understand :)

Sometimes I realize I am a slave to something else and lately it has been food and in particular desserts. To be even more specific chocolate. I eat sweets like it is my job. So for a short while I am taking a break from sweets. BUT there is always this battle within me like "does chocolate chip pancakes count as a sweet?" I decided since I have to ask then yes it is a sweet. But no a white mocha coffee doesn't count as one because I rarely get them and am not a slave to it. Yet. ha. Today there was no brownie batter for me. I got to watch Adam and Donia enjoy my favorite treat. Tim is also going sweetless for a few weeks.
Tonight, a friend and I went out for coffee at barnes and nobles. It was so fun to go out with a girlfriend without the kids. I really enjoyed it. I mean really. So what did we talk about? our kids of course :) Actually Kristin's kids are the same age as the boys- both by two weeks!
Today was a good friend day in general. We had a mops meeting and afterwards went to the weltys- who we love and adore. Katie is such a clever mom. I am so thankful for the friendships we have made here.
We are counting down the days for our visit to see families. All day long ADam was saying, "I am so excited." I couldn't figure out why exactly but then I remember we have been talking about our trip a lot and preparing him for all the fun things. and I think that is why he kept saying," I am so excited!" and he should be, right!?!

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