Monday, May 4, 2009

End of the Semester

Adam pretends he is Pongo, a dalmation, and puts cicle stickers all over his face.

Ryno was peeking at Adam and I. He is always trying to find a way of escape out of his carseat. Adam thrives when friends are over. He is so sweet. Elizabeth,6, came over this afternoon and he was so happy. He kept running to me in the kitchen to let me know how happy he was and I would say, "stay with your company. Make sure she is okay and happy." So Adam yelled, "Elizabeth, are you o.k.?"
Donia, 14, comes over every day after school until her parents get home from work. Today we made lasagnas. She got to take one home to her family and some yummy garlic bread. It is great to have another girl in the house.
Bible Study was on the wild side tonight. It was just me and the kids tonight and the kids were so hyper. I scrapped my original games and let them play tag for 45 minutes. They have so much energy.
Praise: the semester is 'basically' over!
Prayer Request:1. Tim is taking the french proficiency exam May 13. Pray that he can retain what he is learning and pass the exam.
2. Allergies are terrible! (Both of us) but Tim's of course are much worse.

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Windot said...

hey... i am sure you've tried everything but my brother just told me something that has helped his allergies tremendously and i didn't believe it at first! Buy and eat local honey! It has to be local though because of the pollen they use to make the honey. My brother swears by it and he's one that has had to get allergy shots his whole life!
p.s. Ryan is getting HUGE!