Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun all around

The boys make everything fun. We had such a great day today. Happy mothers day to all! This morning Tim let me sleep in and after church we went to lunch with friends. We had a restful afternoon and then met the Donnelly's at the pool for swim, dinner AND tim's awesome smoothies. Adam and Ryan were little water bugs. Adam cried when he had to get out for dinner. After dinner the kids went to the volley ball court and played in the sand while the adults actually had adult conversations. Wow!
Katie Welty hosted a yard sale at her house saturday. I spent all morning and most of the day doing that. Tim was such a good sport about it.
PLEASE PLEASE Pray for Tim today as he studies french and Tuesday morning as he takes his french exam. Pray pray pray!
5 days including Monday until we come to NC! PTL!!!

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Atkinson said...

so excited!! we are praying for tim...adam looks good in those shoes..ha!