Thursday, May 7, 2009

B is for Bus

On his own without any coaxing Adam said, "Bus. buh-buh , B says bus." I am not kidding. I couldn't believe it. I went to him and had him do it again. He figured it all out by himself.

Ryan's first bump in his gums is really getting to him. Teething is the worst thing about babies. It is so sad and so long and has too many side effects.
We went to the musuem this morning. No one was there. It was so nice to have the rooms to ourselves. Adam drove the fire truck and put a fire out at a house, drove a bus and picked up friends on the way to school, saw animals and he says that the bird talked to him. We had a great time. His imagination is amazing and cracks me up. Ryan hates just sitting in the stroller when it isn't moving. He is our wild child. He always wants to do something. He checked out the musuem by putting everything possible in his mouth. Gross.
Saturday there is going to be a yard sale at the Welty's and some of our stuff will be there.

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Atkinson said...

hope ryan's teeth come in quick...ouch! adam is such a genius!!