Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beach house

poor ryan is getting his bottom two teeth. I think it is going to be awhile but it is really bothering him :(

We pretended we were at the beach today by filling up Adam's blue bucket with water and sand toys. Adam has an amazing ability to pretend. He pretended that he spilled some food on the floor. I had to come clean it up so I sat on the floor and started pretending to clean. Adam told me I was sitting on the food. What a waste of good food :) Both of our double strollers are out of commission and have been for a short while. I used them every single day. So today we got our new stroller. Adam helped Tim put it together. He loves being daddy's helper. We are going to go on our first walk in it. It is going to be 91 tomorrow afternoon but with the humidity in the upper 90's. The mosquitoes are huge here!

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Pops said...

Just a little over a week til the beach . . . We can't WAIT!!! Got my Speedo dry cleaned this week.