Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Bible Study

yummmm teething biscuit, mmm. He shares too :)
The wagon is the only safe place to let him eat these things.

Adam is definitely loving the camera these days.
(this picture is taken after the grocery store visit. It wore him out! It wore mommy out more though!)
Tonight was water night at bible study. I even called for recruits for the night since we spent time for the pool. Rich and Christiana (friends from baylor) came and played games and helped me tonight. We played 'drip drip drop (like duck duck goose but with water), beach ball game, swam in the pool and Rich did the talk. They were great with the kids and the talk was really good. The kids loved them and I really appreciated their help. One family took home two bibles tonight. Please pray that it will be read! Another family really wants to come to church or go to any church. Pray that they will do what it takes to get there.
As for our family:
Today I took the boys to the grocery store. the minute we got there Ryan started getting fussy. I just knew it would be one of those terrible experiences. We went straight to the baby food aisle and I got him some teething biscuits. He went to town on it. Adam got one two and kept saying he was 'teasing' instead of 'teething'. The trip lasted forever and a day. But we made it and it wasn't so terrible in the end. I even made a friend at the store. She has a 7 year old, a 3.5 year old, and twin 2.5 year olds! She said she has a nanny that comes for four hours on mondays.
Today was Tim's final day to study for the big test tuesday morning 8am our time. He has two hours to takes the test. As soon as he finishes it the professor and him will go over the test. Thank you for your prayers!


Willis and Amy said...

Praying for the test!!

Atkinson said...

hope the test went well...those teething biscuits are SO messy...mac loved them!!!