Sunday, March 8, 2009


Tonight, to our relief and Adam's delight, Tim found the original Bob and Larry toys! First Tim found Bob. Adam ran back to tell me and when he heard tim call for him, he shrilled at the possibility of Tim finding Larry. It was quite a moment in our house. haha. They are sleeping with Adam this minute. Actually Adam just cried really hard because Larry fell down. He wants larry to stand up, which is almost impossible on a mattress.
Tim had a good time at a conference in Dallas. We missed him a lot while he was gone. Some neighbors had us over for dinner last night. They cooked steak fajitas and ribs. They sent us home with more than enough food for two dinners and probably two or three lunches. Generous is a word. Adam went to a friend's third birthday party after church today. Instead of a sand box, Sam had a dirt box with dump trucks and shovels in it. Adam had dirt all over his face. It was b.a.
By the way I know that people are praying for us and want you to know that God has really drawn us in to him. He is answering your prayers for us everyday. Please keep on praying.

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Pops said...

It certainly looks like Bob and Larry are glad to be back with their buddy, Adam. So, exactly where did B and L get off to for so long? I'm relieved they didn't end up in a "salad bar" somewhere;)