Monday, March 9, 2009

Bible Study

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Tonight we had 20 kids at Bible Study. Moms stepped it up and helped out. Uriah, a 6th grader, made brownies. We played "steal the banana", "ultimate banana", and did the m&m mixed in flour relay, soda burp contest and a mean game of volley ball. Afterwards we did a short, short talk. The attention span was about 2 minutes. We live, we learn :)

Adam has been a pill for about a week. I really was impatient and didn't know how much longer I could take until this afternoon he cocked his head just right and I saw he is cutting his two year old molars! I felt awful. Poor little guy hasn't been feeling well!

Ryan is drooling and sucking on his two fingers. This can only mean two things. One he is like his cousin Mac or 2 he is teething. Will there be no end? Ryan is also just adorable. He is attatched to my hip because I can't stand to let go!

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Atkinson said...

i think ryan is trying to be a drool king like his out girl you have 2 teethers on your hands:)