Saturday, February 9, 2013

Family movie night

The kids are getting bigger and we are able to do fun things like go on bike rides, all play on the play ground, do art, and family movie night.
Tonight we all agreed on Pete's Dragon, ate pop corn and chocky chip cookies. My favorite part of the night was when Ryan thought Elliot- the dragon- was going to get shot with the arrow and started yelling ELLIOT as if he could hear him.
There were some great lessons to be learned from the movie-
And the greatest of these is love...
The people who bought Pete were mean. Yes they gave him a place to live but they didn't treat him well.
The school teacher was mean. Yes she taught the children but she was unkind and merciless.
Then Norma, the lighthouse keepers daughter takes in orphan Pete and loves him and believes in him.
Without love, the jobs we do, the impressions we leave are meaningless. Love triumphs!!!

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Elizabeth M. Atkinson, LPC said...

Found the name of the TOWN - not Medford Falls. HA HA

The story is about a young orphan named Pete who enters the town of Passamaquoddy a small fishing community in Northeastern Maine.