Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the lions mouth

Tim's car was busted y'all. We were anxious about it and even considered just getting a new one. After a lot of prayer and deliberation Tim took it to a shop to get an estimate... And guess what y'all!?! We found out his car was recalled and the dealership would fix it for FREE.

So this morning the kids and I followed Tim to the dealership. He left the car there and we all headed to the Houston zoo. It was nearly 80 degrees and it seemed like the whole city was there. Tim was like "how do you do this by yourself all the time?" And I showed him my cape...

This lion water fountain cracks me up. Every time I see it I want to put my head in it and get a picture. After I took the boys picture another boy about 6 ran up a said "I want a picture mom!"
The mom was clearly annoyed and said," no that is a water fountain. What a dumb idea."
It was hot and its a lot of walking. I imagine she was done for the day.


Elizabeth M. Atkinson, LPC said...

Great story. Where was Caitlin in all this????

Beth said...

Thanks for posting the car story today. Peter's car went "kaput" while was driving home alone in LA traffic last night. So thankful for slow LA traffic! We're not sure how this solution will be resolved, but God knows. I'ms ure you guys NEVER even imagined that a recall would be the solution - love it! We serve a creative God - I'm rejoicing that you God to see more of Him through your story.

Beth said...

okay - so that last line should say..."I'm glad that you got to see more of Him through your story". :-)