Sunday, January 6, 2013


Happy kings day!!!! Today is the day the wise men arrived and gave Jesus their gifts.
I was reading pioneer woman's blog and saw that she made an epiphany cake. Any tradition with cake sounds like a keeper to me. Check out her blog at
The kids had fun helping make the cake. Caitlin even dug in early and I had to fill in the spot with more icing and lick another spoon. Before we ate the cake Tim read about the three kings from the Bible. Then we ate!
Ryan got the bean.. You know what that means!?! He gets to make the cake next year!
Adam got the cross and a button.
Tim got the flippy flop( shoe)
I got baby Jesus!
Caitlin got nothing

Dime: Wealth
Ring: Church's blessings
Thimble: Increased industry
Button: Increased spiritual knowledge
Baby: Will know Jesus better
Shoe: Will walk in the ways of the Lord
Bean: King of Epiphany! (And the baker of next year's cake! Ha.)

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