Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In your face

Believe it or not, Caitlin was LAUGHING during this play time. They were having a blast. Caitlin is a water bug. The girl will walk straight into a pool. No fear. One day at the pool she threw a massive tantrum just to jump OFF the diving board ALONE. The cool thing about Caitlin is most of the time i don't have to entertain her. (but i do have to keep her out of trouble). She will just go find her brothers and play or find a book or something to do.
Adam's older age gives him a good perspective helps him laugh when Caitlin does things that might bother a younger person... Adam is used to Ryan knocking down his blocks or coloring on his picture. Ryan isn't there yet. He has to learn, like Adam, to embrace the younger sibling.  And as for Caitlin... we pray for her everyday. :)

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