Monday, September 10, 2012


While we don't live at the beach, we live close enough where we need to go. Regularly. Mandy and I made the plans and the boys helped us pack up and we headed for a day trip to Galveston. We met at the Wilseys home in Pearland and went to get the best coffee in Pearland at a coffee shop owned by some SWBTS grads. All 5 kids ran around the store playing beautifully together. A good start.
 On the way to the coast. it stormed and I was so nervous that we picked the wrong weekend for a trip to the coast. It ended up clearing up when we got there and raining when we left. It was a dream day for all of us.
We were one of the first groups there. All of us played in the ocean and in the sand. Pretty quickly everyone was hungry for lunch. We pulled out our food in the coolers and chatted it up in the sun on this glorious day.
After playing a little more Mandy and I took Caitlin on a walk in the jogger until she fell asleep. Yes, she napped on the beach. Even more amazing, Mandy brought a childrens tent in case Sally needed a nap. Eventually Sally wanted to rest so Mandy laid down with her in the tent, three minutes later Sally was asleep!!! What!!!!
God thank you for that mini vacay and great fellowship!!!


Elizabeth M. Atkinson, LPC said...

These are amazing photo's

Mandy said...

Best. Day. Ever. Ditto!!!!