Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finis, fini, teteilomenon, beendet, ze gamur

Josh, Eric, Tim, Brian are all NT phd

It is hard to see what is happening, but basically this is when Tim got 'hooded'. Hoods bear the color of the university and the color of the department your doctorate is in. Tim's docotorate was under the school of philosphy- BLUE.

This is Mimi and Pops at the graduation. Mimi is always up on the trends. She sports the polka dots well. Yes, they sat through a two and a half ceremony to see Tim walk the stage.

We were all running in and out putting things in the cars. This is Caitlin doing her part. Isn't she adorable!?!

Tim and I got married in August 2004, his second year of seminary. In 2007 he graduated from seminary and entered a program at Chapel Hill. He finished that program a year later and we moved to Waco texas for a program at Baylor. And now Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you... drumroll...
                                                           Timothy A. Brookins, Phd

latin, french, german, greek, hebrew-Tomato, tomAto... Tim is FINISHED!!!!!!!!
This weekend Tim officially graduated from BAYLOR! Sic' em bears! His parents came in town and it was such a treat to have them celebrate with us! And boy it was a celelbration. I had no idea how emotional this weekend would be. At the doctoral dinner all the new drs in that house :) gave a thank you speech. They were all so thankful to the professors, to Baylor, to families, spouses. It was a very memorable night. Thank you Mimi and Pops for watching the kids!!! Hopefully I will get a picture from a friend of us at the dinner because I was in a HOT dress- thank you Ashlee for letting me borrow it! Tim was sporting an HBU orange tie and looking very doctoral and hansom.

To graduate from Baylor these guys must know a minimum of 4 languages- greek, hebrew, german andFrench. In addition they must have 2 and a half years of course work includings 6 semesters of the much dreaded colloquium that was created by he who must not be named, one semester for prelims,and a minumum of a year for writing and defending a dissertation. All on a minimal budget and many of which have families to support. It is a lot of pressure in one of the best programs in the nation. 
While Tim always stands out in my mind, I have to be honest that when we were at the doctoral dinner, it was quite humbling to be with some of the great minds of our century. They all (all the phd people) stood out. But they all recognized their families as the ones that put them up there.
I know that all across the nation that there were people graduating and I have to say, Hats off to you. Congratulations to you and your families.
And to you that await this day,
IT IS COMING! PERSEVERE! THE LORD IS WITH YOU! PRAY HARD AND WRITE HARD, To those of you who are considering getting your docotate:DO NOT do it unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it was the Lord is asking you to do. It is a hard road to take your family down. And it is only worth it, if the Lord has called you. It is better to be where HE has you.

Mary Mac


Between Here and There said...

Love that last paragraph! Speaking the truth lady!
Congrats to the whole Brookins family, you made it there in one piece!

T said...

But Mary Mac is the real hero of the story. Thank you, Mary Mac, for your constant support and tireless effort as a mother and a wife. YOU made this possible. I love you!