Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Selllabies

James said, "My first sleep over." This was the first sleeping arrangement of the night. they ended up sleeping all over the room that night. What you can't see is Luke crying in the pack and play in the other corner of the room.

I will NEVER forget how precious this moment was.Rub a dub dub 5 kids in a tub! So precious and fun.

So the boys were playing the mud. Caitlin wanted in on the action. I didn't want her to. But she ended up winning because she rolled right off the deck and fell into a puddle head first. Gross. So we filled up this ol' tub and warshed her down. She had a blast.

Malea wanted to make a cape for the boys and I had all the things. James was proud of his cape. He was so precious.

Adam was proud of the handprints on his chest.

This is the before the mud picture.

We had so much fun with the Selby's. The first day we went to the  indoor playground at a local church while the husbands worked. The boys HARD all day. They rode bikes, jumped on the trampoline, read books, watched movies,  everything under the sun except SLEEP. Malea and I were particularly tired come monday evening. Malea and Andrew begged us to watch Mean Girls...
(everyone who knows us well knows that is actually the reverse)
Then on Tuesday we had a really low key day. The kids played in the mud and got REALLY dirty. That was probably the high light of the entire visit. Somebody ended up peeing in the mud that the boys were playing in so the play moved to the sand box. (keep in mind they are boys. they are outside. and they are young. which means basically most boys pee outside without permission. at least mine do)
Malea recommended that we throw chicken in the crock pot with a can of black beans and jar of salsa and some corn. that was our dinner. It was great. Even the kids ate it. They were so tired by that time anyway they didn't care what they ate. Oi!

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Malea said...

These were some of the best 2 days this whole year. I love you, friend! James quote from dinner last night, "I miss Ryan and Adam" (Pause) "I wish they didn't live so far away" Me too, James, me too.