Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here are the things I love about this picture... that Malea and her kids are here in SL! James's tongue hanging out, adam's pressed into Caitling's leg, Ryan's hand is raised, the boots

Doesn't Malea look beautiful here!

I stole this from Malea's facebook pictures.
Melea is without a doubt the gentlist person I know. I yell at my kids, "Don't touch that ant pile!" And here is what she would  say in the kindest sweetest voice possible, "Aw James lets not touch that ant pile. It's full of ant and is dangerous. Can we find another pile of leaves perhaps to disturb?"

I love talking to her about theology. I love talking to her about aspects of life and what it looks like in light of the gospel. She is intentional about everything she does. Which makes her a great mother and wife and friend. She is also an incredibly talented teacher. If she lived here I would have her homeschool my children. In return I would cook dinner or clean or something.

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