Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Day Trip to the Beach

I love my memories from today. First I got to sleep past eight am- with out getting up once last night. Amazing. Then we went to church. and if you didn't know, one of my best friends from college, came for the weekend to visit. So she is part of the we. It meant so much to sit beside her at church and worship with her and take communion with her. like the old days. She delights in my children and was so encouraging. After church we ate a quick bite then we headed to Bay Shore Park- it is on the coast and 16 miles from Hobby air port here in Houston. It could be most compared to Lake Waco. As much as it was NOT like the beautiful beaches we are used to, it was a beach. There was sand and water. The kids were so excited. They didn't know the difference. We only brought beach towels and a change of clothers (o gold fish and water too). At first I was worried maybe I should have gotten more stuff for the trip. But it ended up being wonderful. We couldn't keep Adam out of the ice cold water. Ryan was nervous at first but then settled right in next to Adam. Caitlin was so excited to roam free she crawled around happily along the ground where the water hits the sand. My heart was FULL.   I think I smiled the WHOLE time.
After about an hour and a half we loaded back up to take Katie to the air port. I did cry when Katie got on her plane. The day is done. I am tired. Good night. Thank you Lord for today.

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