Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why I am the worst dieter EVER

Vacation should have been a challenge called, Yall gain 12 pounds. We literally ate the whole time.From Aunt Mary's homemade chicken tenders and mac and cheese, to mom's caramel corn and Mocha cupcakes from Maxie B's... Now I've got to gain a little self control.
Since I started dieting (monday) all I can do is look up picture of cupcakes and yummy recipes with butter and cream. Oi.
 I love this woman. Paula Deen makes everything alright. I mean are you really surprised that she has diabetes? Media was a bit overboard on this issue. I don't like people telling me what I can and can't eat. Which is another reason I am horrible dieter- but it looks as though the goverment is starting to get a say in such things.
I read in some article that the average woman drinks about 800 calories a day! Yikes. and Yum. I have to be honest with my self because the lighter version of my white mocha still has over 300 calories! I drink a vanilla coffee in the mornings (60 calories) and o yea can't forget to add the calories from the cocolate mocha I add to it... Ends up being a good 100 calories!

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