Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Heart Smocking

No I didn't smock this dress. nor could I. But I am learning to smock and loving it. While I was in Greensboro I visiting Mike Galdo's mom, Debbie Galdo at her store Sew Heavenly. She taught me a couple of stitches and got me more than started on a dress for Caitlin. Now lets see if I can finish by Caitlin's first birthday- march 3. and by the way I was imagining a little mini tea party with petit fours and cupcakes that look like roses and the boys in suits... and tim was disgusted when he found out. he was thinking of a wonder woman or shera party...

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Mary Mac -- If you are interested, I have an entire notebook of smocking plates. If you think you are going to smock more, I'm happy to mail it to you for your use! I would want it back at some point, but certainly not in the next few years!! :) Just message me your address if you want them.