Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pay Attention to me!!!

While Ryan was in the bathroom I was looking at these spirit dresses on ETSY. I was thinking about getting one for tim's graduation. And then I will need one for HBU of course. Just daydreaming. Even thinking about making one. Key word daydreaming. MEANWHILE...
 I was wondering what was taking so long in the bathroom. When I went in Ryan was doing this. Normally I would have been mad. But i have been working on my temper. So I took a deep breath and asked him not to do it again, to which he responded, but I like it. I thought about it, and decided to let him play a little more and then he gets to clean it . (come on people, lets be realistic, when another mom says she made her kid clean it only means that he had to try and she still had to go back behind him and do it.)
This is the weapon. Any who, I have been wanted to tell the whole word about how awesome this shaving cream is. You can shave with water or without and it leaves your legs feeling silky smooth all day! I love this and will use it FOREVER. (my kids always add forever at the end of their statements).

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Meredith said...

that is SO my life. our boys would have such fun together!