Monday, January 30, 2012

South Carolina Bound

 We had the best time at Aunt Marys in Chapin South Carolina!

 Aunt Mayry and ryan bonded on this trip. She gets him. Her 'Ryan' was Spencer, if that tells you anything. Lord please let him turn out like her Spencer!
 Adam and Ryan loving on ol' Oot.

 This is the little house that Walt Built for his grandchildren.
 This is the loft in the little house that Walt built.
 This is a work in progress- a  tug boat that Walt is building for his Grandchildren. A real one. That will flow. Amazing.

 Aunt Mayry taking the boys for a ride in the golf cart. Adam liked getting clams out of the lake.
caitlin watching her big brothers skip stones with Auntie Mayry. 
Shoot, I thought this picture would show up better. Basically it is a tally of running records for students at Chapin High School. Lets just say Luke Lovelace owns you if you run in South Carolina :)

We had a short but sweet visit in South Carolina. Aunt Mary or Mayry as most good southers say, and Uncle Oscar hosted us in their country home. We had such a good time. Thank you for letting us stay with you!

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