Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's been awhile

We have been absent from the blogging world due to traveling. Currently we are in North Carolina anxiously awaiting the arrival of my sister- Lander. She arrives tonight at 5:30.
We drove to Alabama, stayed at Mary Laslie's for a night. Then we drove to Chapin, SC and stayed with Auntie Mary's (Mayree). Then we drove to Greensboro, NC for one evening before we headed to the most Northern portion of our visit, Richmond, Va. We stayed in Richmond until Saturday. Left Adam with the Grandparents. Missed him terribly for two nights. Meanwhile we are being stuffed full of smoothies, chocolates, greek awesomeness, and Bojangles. O and melt in your mouth Krispy Kreme. Adam is back with us now!
Lord willing, we are headed back westward on Saturday Morn. I will post pictures soon.
If you don't mind I am going to do a few posts on prayers. I have asked a couple of people how they stuck with prayer and how prayer changed as they grew older, life changed, etc... and would like to record what I heard. I will post later.
happy bloggings!

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