Sunday, January 8, 2012

Criss Cross Makes you JUMP! JUMP!

On Rainy days the kids are in the garage jumping. On sunny days we move it to the yard and they are jumping. We have a lot of fun ont he trampoline!
This weekend was Ah-mazing! First we kicked it off Friday by doing din din with our friends the Wilseys. Mandy got to come over early with the girls. We played outside and enjoyed the amazing weather. We had ribs for dinner and ended the night with... ice cream- duh :)
Tim did an incredible job on the birthday! On top of Dec 28th where he gave me a beautiful necklace and too me to dinner, I had a sort of surprise party in Waco with my old bible study group- minus a few that couldn't make it. It was so special and sweet- literally. It should have been called a death by chocolate party. Malea hosted it at her house and put so much heart into so many details. THANK YOU tim and malea and katie welty for all you did. thank you ladies who came and brought treats adn gifts and laughs. I love you all so much.
The boys went to the zoo wtih the Selby boys for the afternoon. Then we headed over to our ol' neighbors at Arlington Farms for a pizza dinner and playtime for all the kids. I have to admit it was hard to leave all the people we love and have become more like a family to us.
Best weekend ever. Thank you to every one.

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