Monday, November 28, 2011

Adam's birthday pics

When Adam woke up, daddy took him to get donuts. Near 10am he opened a birthday card from Mimi and Pops. It was a gift certificate for Build a bear. The boys and I went and it was so much fun. Ryan did a really good job watching Adam get all the attention. Adam was so excited and hasn't let go of his bear since. It was a great experience.
then I brought the boys home, and Tim took them to McDonalds for Happy Meals.
That night we had cake and 'gum' ice cream (mint). Adam declared it the best cake ever. He opened presents and at the end he declared this the greatest birthday ever. Ebee and Chippy got him the Captain America shield and mask that everyone in our family is wearing at some point during the day.
Thank you for the cards and gifts! Adam had a great- the greatest day ever!

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Bethany said...

Happy birthday, Adam! Your birthday sounds just about perfect!