Monday, August 29, 2011

Jurassic Measures in Sugar Land

One evening I stepped outside and to my surprise in the middle of the road was this gigantic turtle. I started screaming for Tim and the boys to come see. I really did think it was a freak of nature that this giant turtle was wondering the streets of Sugar Land. The next thing I know, these two women come asking me, "Where is he? Do you see our turtle?"
Our neighbors a couple of houses down love animals- as you can see. This is their pet turtle Ricki-shay. He isn't even full grown yet. He lives in their back yard in the summer and in the tub in the winter. What! My toes were painted red so he kept thinking they were strawberries and coming for them.
They also have a pet iguana which I cannot remember his name. The family was very kind and showed some more of their animals to us and answered questions. Ricki-shay loves blue berries so we will be delivering him some later this week.

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Joy said...

That's a big turtle!