Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of Preschool for Adam

I took Adam to school early this morning so he could play on the playground a little bit. 
Adam  did surprisingly well(for him) at the drop off. His teacher informed me that Adam's new nick name is "Awesome Adam." Adam stood there and beamed. Then in the car he told me he changed his song! (Some of you may know that each kid has his/her own song. Adam's nick name has always been 'Mister Mister' and it goes with the song, "Mr. Adam, Mr. Adam...." )
He is my precious AWESOME Adam! I love that lil man!
After we put Adam in his class, Ryan couldn't wait to go to his class. when he realized he wasn't going, he threw down. It was awesome. Rationalizing with a two year old goes over really well, eh. Finally after he calmed down I told him his class was at the Y he got excited again.

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