Sunday, July 10, 2011

we baaaaaack... in the blog world at least

Thanks for being patient about the whole blogging thing. It is really hard to get through a day with three kids (for me at least) so adding a blog post in has not been a priority. I have done other things, like finish book two of twilight. I almost switched over to Team Jacob, but something keeps me on Team Edward.

So this picture was taken probably two months ago. but it perfectly captures what is going on in our life. All three kids are always that close to each other. I will have Caitlin and the boys will be climbing all over me. Ryan's blankie always in the midst of the action. 1/3 of the kids is usually crying of whining. Ryan has ONE of his four molars in. Adam has fluid coming out of his tubes. And Caitlin is showing several signs of teething. It isn't all bad. I am being objective as I explain these woes because I have never had a heart so full of love as this. I love my children and I love having all three of them in my arms. One afternoon I had all three kids sleeping on my bed with me and it was the best feeling in the whole world. Yes I am tired. Yes I am much less social than ever. But it won't last forver (right?).

People keep asking about how I feel about the move and Tim's job. Well honestly while i am so proud of him I could bust, and couldn't be happier about the whole thing, I feel that I am in a place in life where I do all I can to get through each day. I don't really look forward to much, mostly because I am so distracted by the business of getting milk for this kid, while I look for this one's shoe, change this one's diaper and clean up the spillt milk for the first kid.

I have also been asked about how does tim feel about it. I will have you know he is beside himself with excitement! This is what he has been working for for so long! and to have a job- wow!

Houston- our thoughts on houston... well I have only driven through it once. Maybe I have flown out of there before, but I hardly remember that. Airports don't really count anyway. A) most colleges are in tiny towns that have less citizens than the number of students that go tot he college. so we are thankful that we will be in a city!

b) we are thankful for all the opportunities that come with Houston. It is the THIRD biggest city in the US. (lets talk about traffic another day)

c) we just got approved for a house (rental) in Sugar Land. Yes like the band. Also voted one of the top places to live!

d) Houston Baptist University is up and coming! Their newest latin teach is HOT! Go Huskies!

e) food- more grocery store options! holla! and eating out options! (well I never thought too poorly of wacos, I just love food.)

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T said...

Mary Mac, you are so sweet, supportive, and selfless.