Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brookins News

First, Isn't Caitlin cute?
Second, most people know about Tim's job. There is so much that went into this and that all fell into the right place- Only the Lord could orchestrate such a thing. To those of you that helped Tim all the way up to and through the interview process THANK YOU.
To our friends and family, thank you for celebrating this wonderful news with us!
We will be sad to say good bye to our friends in Waco. But lets do this later...
Our last day is July 31st.
Lets get together!


LiLi said...

Congratulations, Brookins family! Houston is wonderful! I'm very excited for you guys, and I know the Lord has great plans for your family.

FoodBlogger said...

I am SOOOO happy for you. Can I be a little disappointed you won't be coming back to NC??? But still so proud of Tim!

Kathleen said...

SOOOOOO happy for you guys! Except that it's Houston! ;D No, actually it's great--just really hot!